Tumblers for combines (threshers)

Tumblers for combines (threshers)

Gromov Ltd. manufactures to order (according to customers’ drawings) reels for harvesters (threshers), on German equipment – laser and bending complexes TRUMPF.

The most important The most important part of any combine harvester is the threshing and separating The most important part of any combine is the threshing and separating device (MSU) that separates the grains from the ears (panicles, pods, The threshing and separating unit (SSU) separates the ears (panicles, pods, bolls) and the initial separation of the kernels from the straw pile. On the efficiency of these devices to a large extent depend on all indicators, including All indicators, including energy consumption and quality of threshing, depend largely on the efficiency of these devices. Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator (free version)

Technologically the threshing unit is influenced by various factors: the type of construction and the mode of The type of design, the mode of operation, the properties of the material to be threshed, as well as the shape of the bar, its material, edge radius, bar size, etc.

Classic type of reel is a bar and slat (lattice) design. The sides of the slats toward the drum form an essentially concave working surface. The main elements of the drumstick are slats of rectangular cross-section, which form (together with the bars) a lattice surface, through which the grains pass and the stems do not penetrate the screen. grains and the stalks do not penetrate. The usual scheme of threshing machines, developed almost 200 years ago, has not significantly changed to the present day, thanks to its simplicity, reliability and versatility of design.

At the same time, it is because of the wide range of harvesting conditions (degree of weediness of threshed mass, high or low humidity, height of stalks of cultivated crops) that the working elements of combines (threshers) wear out quickly.

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LLC “Gromov” quickly and Gromov Ltd. will quickly and accurately produce reels for combines (threshing machines) according to customers’ drawings. The company’s customers’ drawings, using TRUMPF (Germany) laser and bending equipment.

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