Stainless steel pools

Stainless steel pools

There are many good, durable and reliable materials for building swimming pools, but the best material has always been considered stainless steel, which can serve for decades, literally, without losing its presentable appearance.

Stainless steel products and really pleasing to the eye – their contemplation brings just some kind of aesthetic pleasure.

Long ago mankind learned how to use iron, but not iron in its pure form, but its alloys – steel and iron. As time went on, so did technology: when people began to add different impurities to these alloys, they ended up with a metal that had with all sorts of different, sometimes even surprising, characteristics, and the advent of the advent of laser metal cutting has made it much easier to process non-ferrous metals

As early as the beginning of the 19th century, the unique properties of alloys made of of iron and chromium to prevent corrosion. But it wasn’t until 100 years later metallurgists were able to produce an alloy that, in terms of its composition composition was similar to that of stainless steel in its modern form.

Stainless steel is a successful combination of elements such as chromium, nickel and molybdenum, which provides reliable protection against corrosion. How does this occurs? In active contact with oxygen, the alloy forms a kind of protective coating on its surface. This is a kind of protective “film” on its surface, which, in fact, protects the metal from corrosion. that protects the metal against corrosion.

Stainless steel also appeals to many designers and technologists because it has a virtually unchanging appearance, no matter how over time. It is also very convenient, functional and In addition, it is very convenient, functional and practical: stainless steel can be laser-cut, welded, bent, etc. and used for a wide variety of applications.

When building a swimming pool, many developers long In the construction of a swimming pool many developers can’t decide which material is preferable - classic concrete or elegant stainless steel. The second material, no matter how you look at it, still has more advantages. One of the main is the weight of stainless steel, which is a lot less than concrete. What does it give? It allows you to install the pool on any floor of a building or private home, not just the basement. About the aesthetic appearance already mentioned above – for many people a beautiful and pleasant appearance means no less than convenience and functionality. Perhaps the only disadvantage that can become an obstacle for many people is cost: stainless steel is considerably more expensive than concrete. But for quality always comes at a price.

Often pools made of stainless steel still require a concrete base for stability and strength. Although in some concrete can be done without concrete at all.

Pool design

Pool design

The pool begins to assemble from pre-cut sheets of metal , erecting the sides around the perimeter. The upper edge is exposed only in horizontal position. The outside of the basin is equipped with a frame on the outside of the basin is equipped with a frame belt and additional supporting elements. Already at this stage it is possible to and installation of stairs, handrails, seats, etc. After that happens the process of forming the bottom of the pool. The last stage is the installation of lights, grids, fences, etc.

It is worth noting that the pool is not built long, if, of course, Adhere to the right algorithm of action, following step by step.

By law, all public pools must be regularly drained and cleaned at regular intervals. For example, in France it is supposed to be done twice In Germany it is once every two years, and in Russia it is once a year.

Pools constructed with hybrid panels are constructed as quickly as models made of “stainless steel”. They are often covered PVC film, but it’s not as strong as steel, because it can easily be damaged by any sharp objects. But PVC coating is good in that it is completely waterproof. В The first few years of use, there is no need for repair at all. Also PVC-coating is not bad antibacterial properties. What do we get as a result? A pool with a completely watertight basin! But these properties it owes not only to the material from which it is made. not only to the material of which it is made, but also to the fact that in contrast to the concrete pools, the embedded parts are welded here, which prevents the possible formation of leaks. Leaks would not occur even in the event of an earthquake. in the event of an earthquake.

A pool made of stainless steel is in principle very resistant to any external influences. You have to try very hard to damage it.

Stainless steel is not only laser proof, but also chemical proof the surface of the pool can easily be cleaned with a wide variety of cleaners – for example, to remove dirt – the pool does not have to be exposed to chemicals. a wide variety of products – for example, to remove dirt – the pool will not The pool will not become stained or discolored.

The combination of the above features and qualities of stainless steel pools stainless steel provides a pleasant and durable operation product.

Stainless steel is a very hygienic material, by the way, It is even used in the food industry, as well as in medicine. Stainless steel products are very easy to care for – they Stainless Steel products are very easy to care for – they practically do not need care as such, although certain procedures still need to be carried out from time to time.

Another added bonus is that the surface of stainless steel does not microorganisms do not tend to accumulate on the surface of stainless steel, reducing the cost of disinfection and decontamination. disinfection and decontamination.

Also stainless steel easily “tolerates” any temperature conditions, That’s why cutting stainless steel with a laser is the best option for building swimming pool and making parts out of it in general.

Cutting of stainless steel by laser

Gromov has been working in the metalworking industry for more than 20 years (since since 1999). We offer our customers services in manufacturing parts Stainless steel – laser cutting and bending of stainless steel on German CNC machines “Trumpf”.

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