Production of custom facings for elevator cabins

Production of custom facings for elevator cabins

GROMOV Laser Cutting Center offers manufacturing of elevator cabin cladding parts to order according to drawings (DXF, DWG format required). according to the drawings (required format DXF, DWG). If necessary We will digitize your technical documentation by means of Autocad. We have established serial production of high quality blanks and parts by means of quality equipment made in Germany. The parts in question are U-shaped profiles and angles of different lengths. They are They are used as a frame for elevator doorways and during the internal finishing of their cabins.

Cladding of elevator cabins

One of the parts for cladding of the elevator car is a U-shaped profile made of steel sheet. In the plane of the horizontal shelf of this product make several holes. They are used to fasten the cladding to the building structures with dowels quick installation. Solid profiles are designed for framing on three sides of the opening of the elevator cabin sliding door (U-shaped).

The second element is a steel corner. It is used to give a finished look to the joints of the sheets inside lining of the floor, walls and the flow of the elevator cabin. Angles are fixed to Elevator frame through the holes with screws. If you are interested Elevator booth trim parts manufacturing, please contact us with using the form on our website or on the phone number listed there.

Technology of elevator cabin cladding production

Both elements in question are made of thin sheet steel. This metal is 2 to 4 mm thick can be structural or stainless steel grades. First the reamers cut blanks of the required length from the steel sheet on Reamers are first cut into sheet steel to the required length using automatic Trumpf Trulaser 3030/3050 laser cutting machines. This equipment makes it possible to obtain parts with excellent dimensional accuracy parts (error less than 0,1 mm) and smooth end edges (with acceptable roughness parameters) without requiring any further machining. The workpieces are then bent using a Trumabend V130 with CNC. To give the elevator cabin cladding elements an aesthetic appearance, the stainless steel products are subjected to a stainless steel press. appearance, stainless steel products are subjected to electrochemical polishing, and structural steel products are powder coated.

Ordering elevator cabin cladding

You have the possibility to order elevator cabin cladding according to your own drawings, which should be sent to Our highly qualified specialists will develop an individual design of cladding corners and profile elements according to your requirements. We will produce these parts quickly, with guaranteed quality and exactly in time. In our warehouse we have all the necessary assortment of steel sheet. Mass or serial production of parts is possible. We organized delivery of finished orders by courier services within 1 – 3 days on the territory of the country.

Gromov Ltd. manufactures to order (according to customers’ drawings) high-quality metal parts for elevators elevators (escalators, moving walkways) on German equipment – laser and bending complexes TRUMPF.

The modern world is striving to of increasing the comfort of life. That is why almost in all human activity elevators are used in almost all spheres of life. Electromechanical equipment designed for vertical or or inclined movement of people and goods.

Типы лифтов (эскалаторов, траволаторов) и сфера их применения

 According to the purpose and scope of use elevators are of these types:

  • passenger (residential buildings, public buildings and structures, observation decks);
  • cargo (residential buildings, warehouses, various production facilities);
  • cargo and passenger (residential buildings, mines);
  • medical (hospitals, sanatoriums);
  • industrial (industries with aggressive environment, dustiness).

 Also, in crowded places (airports, supermarkets, business centers) people (airports, supermarkets, business centers) are often used escalators and moving walkways. Both are designed to make it easier or accelerate the movement of visitors to public places between levels or zones of buildings and constructions.

Escalators are inclined structures with moving steps, moving walkways In fact, they are passenger conveyors, stepless walkways. (inclined or horizontal). 

 Both elevators and escalators (escalators) move people and goods along rigid vertical or The elevators and escalators (moving walkways) move people and goods either vertically or horizontally on rigid, vertical or inclined tracks, electric motors. For serial or individual assembly of the elevator metal components of different For serial or piecemeal assembly of lift equipment metal components of different configurations (cabins, doors, covers, etc.) made of black sheet metal or stainless steel are necessary. metal or stainless steel, production of which requires mechanical metal cutting and bending. These operations are performed on the Laser metal cutting complex and TRUMPF bending complex.

Order metal components for elevators (escalators, travolators)

 LLC “Gromov” quickly and qualitatively make: cabins, doors, plates and other metal elements according to Customer drawings, on TRUMPF laser and bending equipment (Germany) for elevators manufacturing Schindler, Otis, Kone, Kleemann, Mizui, Pilava, Karat LiftKomplekt, Rodos, Bogdan and others, as well as. for escalators and moving walkways.

By contacting our company, you in In the shortest time you can get ready parts for elevators of the highest quality at reasonable prices. To calculate the cost send your drawings to e-mail

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