Perforated panels of ventilated facades

Perforated panels of ventilated facades

Perforated panels made of metal are used for finishing the facades of buildings. As the material is used thin-walled sheets (thickness 2 – 4 mm) of aluminum alloys and steel (galvanized or stainless steel). They have a lot of through holes (perforation) of different configuration and evenness of localization (location). And depending on the task at hand, the perforations on the panel may be periodic or chaotic. These facade panels can have stamped recesses of different shapes, if necessary, they can be painted in the desired color or applied to the surface of the polymer layer.

Production of custom perforated facades

The company “Gromov” manufactures custom perforated (ventilated) facades and facade systems of metal, as well as accessories (facade subsystems, constructive) for them:

  • perforated panels
  • mounting brackets
  • jumper bars
  • guides
  • stiffeners

We have excellent German equipment, which allows us to produce parts with an accuracy of cutting and bending equal to 0.1 mm!

custom facade systems

Advantages of perforated panels in creating ventilated facades

The main advantages of the panels include:

  • A wide range of design solutions (relief, monochrome, color, polished, frosted, with images or fragments of them).
  • Durability.
  • Easy to install.

Examples of the use of perforated panels in the manufacture of ventilated facades in world practice

The panels make it possible to perfectly design facades, to give them expressiveness due to the possibility of using endless combinations of light and shadow, internal artificial lighting or gaps in the perforations. Perforated panels are used to decorate the facades of buildings under construction or renovation (fully or partially), as well as their important elements – sunshades and shutters, balcony railings, etc.

Ventilated façade of the Lycée de Saint-Romain (France)
The façade of the Lycée Saint-Romain multidisciplinary complex (France)

One example is the reconstruction of the façade of a complex of buildings of a multidisciplinary lycée in Saint-Romain (France), designed by Bernard Paris & Associates. An important detail are the openwork sunbreakers over the windows. They are made of perforated metal sheet (2 mm thick) brand RMIG and have a light openwork design.

Rinkeby School and Academy

facade of the Rinkeby School and Academy
facade of the Rinkeby School and Academy

Another example of the RMIG brand’s façade panels is the Rinkeby School and Academy in the suburbs of Stockholm. It is used by the municipality for cultural events and also as an educational center. Here, with the help of business representatives, young people are thoroughly prepared for working life. The old building was badly damaged by a fire, and the decision was made to renovate it. Thanks to a design by the architectural bureau Aperto Arkitekterbyggkonsulter using aluminium perforated panels, the building has a new and unique appearance. As well as having a decorative effect, they give the building better fire safety and reinforce the vandal-proofing of its facades. A total of 77 aluminium panels (4 mm thick), painted on both sides in a lime green shade, are used for the cladding.

Rappersville Museum Complex

facade of the museum complex in Rappersville
Perforated façade of the Rappersville museum complex

The buildings of the Rappersville settlement museum complex are over 700 years old. That is why its large-scale restoration was carried out in combination with reconstruction. These works were designed by the architectural studio MLZD (Switzerland). The small-sized castle was bounded by the city walls of Rapperswil, located on the shores of Lake Zurich. It includes a watchtower with outbuildings for household purposes. The latter were adapted 60 years ago to house the museum exhibition, and with the help of additional buildings are linked to the outdoor galleries and other historic structures. The new building with its perforated facade blends in organically with the architectural structure of the museum. And its roof and facades have been designed in such a way that the old window and door openings do not overlap in any way.

The bronze-colored facade, designed to symbolize the mutual fusion of the old with the new, looks spectacular. In this case, it refers to the administrative unification of Jona and Rapperswil. The façade cladding consists of 4 mm thick Tecu Bond composite panels from the KME Group S.p.A. The material used is two copper sheets with an intermediate plastic layer.

Salewa headquarters complex

The headquarters complex of Salewa, a leading manufacturer of climbing equipment and clothing, is located in Bolzano, Italy. Its facades successfully combine panoramic glazing with perforated aluminum panels. They form the likeness of rock crystal crystals with their multifaceted volumes.

Photo of the Salewa headquarters façade
Salewa headquarters façade (photo 1 of 2)

The combination of these materials makes good use of the contrast between lit and unlit parts of the building. According to the idea of the authors-architects of CINO ZUCCHI Architetti, it is a symbol of material and immaterial relationships as part of the company’s activities.

Photo of the Salewa headquarters façade
Photo of the Salewa headquarters façade (photo #2 of 2)

The surface of the warehouse is covered with aluminum panels painted in three shades of gray-blue. This tone helps the building blend in with the panorama of the surrounding mountain peaks. The same shade is used for the above office spaces on the south side, acting as a kind of protection from the sun.

Bergen University Campus

Photo of the University Campus in Bergen
This photo shows the university campus in Bergen, Norway

The façade of the 9-storey building on the University Campus in Bergen, Norway is the result of a collaboration between HLM Arkitektur, Cubo Arkitekter and the artist Anne-Gry Loland. The old and new buildings of the educational complex were united using perforated facades, providing them with visual connections. The stairwells and blank walls are covered with perforated metal panels that shimmer mysteriously in the twilight.

The façade is designed by Anne-Gry Loland
The façade is designed by Anne-Gry Loland

The artist Anne-Gry Loland designed a pattern consisting of large symbols that are combined in a clearly visible picture from a distance. And RMIG realized these graphics in CNC-machined sheets of aluminum. The company Gromov uses the same quality equipment for the production of similar facades.

The following pictures show the facade of the EUITI University Faculty in Bilbao, Spain, finished with galvanized perforated steel panels with abstract images. Architects – ACXT-IDOM,

Photo #2 of the facade of the EUITI faculty in Bilbao
Photo of the facade of the EUITI University in Bilbao
Photo #2 of the facade of the EUITI faculty in Bilbao
Фото №2 фасада факультета университета EUITI в Бильбао

And the façade of the music school in Nørresundby, Denmark, is adorned with portraits of children dancing, playing and singing. The composition is 6 x 10 meters and was designed by architects Kærsgaard Andersen A/S. It is made of 32 perforated steel panels (2 mm thick) made by RMIG and protected by hot-dip galvanizing.

 Photo of the facade of the music school in Nørresundby, Denmark
Photo 1 of the facade of the music school in Nørresundby, Denmark
 Photo of the facade of the music school in Nørresundby, Denmark
Photo No. 2 of the facade of the music school in Nørresundby, Denmark
 Photo #3 of the facade of the music school in Nørresundby, Denmark
Photo #3 of the facade of the music school in Nørresundby, Denmark

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