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“Gromov” Company

Gromov Laser Cutting Centre has been a successful player in Ukrainian metalwork market since 1999.

With over 20years of experience we are experts at metal laser cutting, bending and welding. We manufacture products that meet or exceed expectations. Our mission is to provide our customers with the best quality products at competitive prices.

Superior quality of our products is guaranteed by the team of highly qualified engineers and technicians, automated manufacturing process, advanced technologies and equipment from the top high-tech European companies (Trumpf, Fronius, Zuhner, and Fein).


Lead time 1-3 days


We guarantee superior quality of our products


High-tech equipment and own manufacturing

Наши работы

Центр лазерной резки "Gromov" изготавливает широкий ассортимент видов продукции из разных типов металла - от простых серийных деталей, требующих высокого качества раскроя с 100%-ой повторяемостью до сложных деталей и металлоконструкций с применением резки, гибки, сварки и покраски

наших клиентов

Реальные отзывы клиентов, работающих с компанией "Громов"

Superior quality and quick delivery; engineering support and detailed discussion of the project with the customer. Thanks for your work. I am going to carry on cooperation!

Sent my drawings (14 parts) in the morning and collected the finished product in the evening. Top quality and best timing! I would recommend you for cooperation!

Boris Valerievich

I was pleasantly surprised with promptness and the quality of cutting and bending. The equipment is without doubt of high quality. The team of professionals are able and willing to work.  The price is below average in Ukraine. I highly recommend you!

Sergei Shmanev

We made a request for a relatively small batch size. The quality is amazing. The shortest time of order realization. Thank you. Would definitely recommend you!!!

Maxim Gotsman

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