Metal logos

Making logos from metal to order

The company “Gromov” produces metal logos to order.

The logo contains information about the name of the brand, products, services, etc., which is executed in a stylized font and is often complemented by images.

The logos we offer are made of sheet metal such as all grades of steel, including stainless, galvanized steel or aluminum alloys. They have different shapes, contain shaped images and concise text in a font 100% in accordance with the layout.

Logo placement

The most common products with logos are considered:

  • Signage.
  • Pointers.
  • Plates, labels, decals, labels, emblems and tags – for product branding.
  • Souvenirs – key chains, key-openers, etc.

Logos are emblems, symbols or graphic signs that are used by organizations, businesses, territorial units and individuals to identify themselves in order to increase recognition and recognition in society. The logo is often used as a trademark.

The list of places to place the logos is quite extensive, as well as the type of metal for manufacturing, size, method of installation and method of finishing the surface of the product.

A nameplate is a plate with brief information and designations that refer to the product. Emblems, labels, cover plates, labels and tags do the same thing, but in a more concise form. They are used to label appliances, laptops, leather products, cars, diaries, bags, leather products, clothing, production equipment, furniture, interior decorations and beverage bottles.

Most often logo carriers are made of stainless steel or aluminum. The most important criterion for choosing a material is its ability to present the content in an informative and expressive way.

Technology of manufacturing products with logos

Souvenir products, signs with signs, nameplates, etc. are made of sheet metal, which is usually no thicker than 2 – 4 mm.

The traditional technology for making these products involves cutting them on a guillotine and processing images on an engraving machine. These are time-consuming and energy-consuming processes.

Laser cutting is used to combine these operations and speed them up. This method is much faster and more economical. All cutting lines, made openings and holes do not need to be reworked on metal cutting equipment. This is important for the production of logo products in small batches based on individual drawings.  

When the customer develops logos independently, there is a need to digitize the drawings. The specialists of our company will do it skillfully.

Laser cutting is one of the most modern methods of cutting metal. Its advantages are:

  • Moderate cost of production of single products of high quality.
  • High speed of operations and dimensional accuracy.
  • Complete unification of products in shape and other parameters.

Products are cut from corrosion-resistant steel or aluminum using CNC-controlled Trumpf Trumatic 3030 or 3050 laser systems. They can process this metal in thicknesses of up to 25 mm. The excellent data of the German equipment makes it possible to produce parts with a smooth edge and a dimensional deviation not exceeding 0.1 mm.

The resulting blanks are then bent, if necessary, on a Trumabend V130 CNC press and then, if necessary, fasteners are welded using Fronius equipment.

Ordering logos at a reasonable price

To order logos, send their drawings in AutoCAD with the quantity to Then the calculation of the cost of manufacturing of the product is made, the result is reported to the customer. Our over 20 years of experience, stock of materials, and our own production facilities are instrumental in promptly launching single or small batch production of logos. Delivery of finished products in 1-3 days by courier services all over Ukraine.

Custom logos in the company “GROMOV” – a guarantee of quality and a great mood for our customers.

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Why choose us?

We provide our customers with top quality sheet metal laser cutting, bending and designing services. With high precision machine tools from Germany we are equipped to rise up to any engineering challenge.

  • Large expierence of metalworking (20+ years)
  • Own stocks of metal (you do not need to spend time searching and buying material)
  • High quality and quick order performing
  • Techical assist for drawing creation
cutting metal in Gromov's company


If you do not have a drawing in DXF, our engineers will design it.


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