Metal Laser Cutting in the Machinery Industry

Metal Laser Cutting in the Machinery Industry

Metal laser cutting is very different from mechanical cutting methods. The material is cut with a focused laser beam generated by electromagnetic field and CO2 molecules. In our company machine parts and elements are cut on Trumpf TC L 3030 and 3050 laser cutting machine (CO2 type).

The Advantages of Laser Cutting

  • High cutting speed that makes laser cutting process much faster than mechanical cutting.
  • No need for extra expensive tooling.
  • Clean cuts and smooth edge finishes which require no further processing.
  • Computer control which guarantees high accuracy and precision for repetitive tasks which is essential for bulk production.
  • Accuracy of 0.1 mm.
  • Cost-effective manufacturing.


Using a laser cutting machine for fabrication of simple standard parts, like a washer ring, for example, may seem pointless. However, if you need a special washer ring which is not on sale and will take a long time to produce on a turning lathe, it is more reasonable to laser cut it from a metal sheet. In this case all the washer ring dimensions (up to the finest ones) will meet customer specifications.

Burr-free cut without warping and distortion is a key advantage of laser cutting process.

Laser cutting machine is your solution of choice if you need, for instance, a small amount of safety washers from high-alloy stainless steel to be done on time with excellent quality.


Laser cutting is an ideal manufacturing technique for fabrication of a great variety of products:

  1. Of a thin metal sheet: head gaskets and housing gaskets; shredder blades; rings, plates, gear wheels and disk plates; electronic components; thin-walled vessels; fine instruments, chains and sprockets.
  2. Of a medium metal sheet: components for flour mill machines (blades, disk plates, flanges); elements for bins and grinding plates, covers; hatches; face plates; washer rings; gussets; out of gauge gear wheels; complex formed parts; blank parts; etc.
  3. Of a thick metal sheet: components for lifting equipment, railway cars and combine harvesters (plates, gussets); special wrenches; sidewalls, crown gear, blind plugs, sliding gate valves, siding elements, panels, pedals, partition walls, planks, platforms, etc.и

With wide range of advanced high-tech TRUMPF machine tools and laser systems Gromov Company can offer manufacturing solution to any customized project. Our experienced engineers are ready to provide you with a design drawing or launch the production based on customer’s drawings.

Gromov company offers you:

  • more than 20 years of experience on the market that allows us to maintain regular contact with customers and suppliers and provide you with the superior quality laser cutting and metal bending solutions;
  • assistance in choosing the right tools and developing proper fabrication process to ensure the best quality of the final product and customer satisfaction;
  • commitment of our engineers who use their knowledge and experience to provide best possible solutions and advise optimized manufacturing techniques to save time and materials and bring real benefit to our customers.

Gromov company is at your service. We will assist you with a project design and will produce a prototype. We will work with you to arrange the most convenient shipping method. With bulk orders we will provide a discount and save customer’s costs due to optimized nesting layouts and proper production technology.

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Наш центр предоставляет комплекс услуг по лазерному раскрою листового металла, гибке и проектированию. В нашем распоряжении высокоточное оборудование из Германии, благодаря которому мы можем воплотить в жизнь любую конструкторскую идею.

  • Large expierence of metalworking (20+ years)
  • Own stocks of metal (you do not need to spend time searching and buying material)
  • High quality and quick order performing
  • Techical assist for drawing creation
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