Laser Cutting in Agricultural Machinery

Laser Cutting in Agricultural Machinery

The use of laser cutting for the production of The use of laser cutting in the production of agricultural machinery parts is always in demand, because it increases the quality of The use of laser cutting in the production of agricultural machinery parts is always in demand, because it increases the quality of products, increases the speed of production and reduces costs.  The company “Gromov” successfully conducts its activities in metal processing for machines and mechanisms used in agriculture, and can Gromov can offer a range of services that will be necessary for the customer:

  • cutting sheet metal into blanks for their subsequent processing;
  • production of products of any complexity according to customer’s drawings;
  • design of parts, units, mechanisms, housings, for further manufacturing on our equipment.

The company’s capabilities

The company uses the best equipment Trumpf, the leader of the European machine tool industry (in particular, laser complexes TC L 3030, 3050, a Trumabend V130 bending press), which that allows equally accurate processing of both single orders and large batches. The high productivity makes it possible to solve the majority of tasks with the help of the Trumabend V130. most tasks and ensures the required number of parts of the same size and with the same precision. parts with the same size, accurate to 0.1 mm.

At the same time, the final result depends not only on the equipment, but also on the level of specialists to whom the work is entrusted. Over 19 years of activity, the company has formed a disciplined and highly qualified team of like-minded professionals, with advanced knowledge and skills, both in designing products and making drawings, as well as working with complex equipment.

Manufacture of spare parts for agricultural machinery

Many parts for work machines such as combines, tractors, cultivators, trucks, seeders and special machinery, can be made on a laser cutting system rather than the standard machining. With mechanical machining, the cost of manufacturing of tools and fixtures (the production time of which, as a rule, production time is usually quite long) significantly increase the unit cost of a part. В In these cases the best way to process sheet steel is laser cutting, which provides high quality and productivity thanks to the versatility of the laser beam. productivity thanks to the versatility of the laser beam, program controlled laser cutting process and lack of no tool preparation necessary.

That is why parts such as sowing discs, harrowing discs, sieves, gears, blades, knives, impellers, flanges, chain links, wear parts and many other parts of machines and mechanisms (tractors, combines, conveyors, transporters, etc.) used in agriculture are cheaper, faster and easier to produce with laser cutting.Approximate list of product names that can be manufactured on the company equipment:

  1. blades, discs, ploughs, flanges, vacuum discs for seeders, harrows, parts of cultivators, rings, sleeves, gaskets, plugs, washers, grippers, etc.;
  2. belt conveyor gears, parts of combine harvester bodies, elements of strength for the bodies of grain carriers, links of belt conveyors and conveyor belt links, grids, stiffeners, earrings, brackets, flaps, dowels;
  3. complex shaped parts with straight and curved contours, perforated parts and much more;

In the production of parts for agricultural machinery we We make use of the full potential of laser equipment. The laser beam laser beam makes it easier and faster to produce the smallest hole diameters possible, unlike machining. This is not the case with mechanical machining methods. Hole machining speed hole machining speed depends on the thickness of the workpiece and its material.

Characteristics of the workpieces to be machined:

  • metal sheet thickness: 0.5 – 25 mm;
  • metals to be processed: ferrous, stainless and galvanized steel, aluminum;
  • working area (sheet size): 1500×3000 mm;
  • laser power: 3 kW/5 kW;
  • maximum dimensional deviation: not exceeding 0.1 mm;

The technology of manufacturing of most parts of agricultural machinery involves cold bending. Gromov” company performs high-precision bending of sheet metal on a modern bending complex Trumabend V130. Our engineers use modern software that allows simulating the whole process from the first bend to the last one on the computer and writing a control program with three-dimensional visualization. Because of this there is no so called “human factor” when working at the bending complex. The ability of the sheet bender to automatically compensate for the deflection of the bed ensures a uniform bending angle along the entire length of the part. Availability of a wide range of bending tools (dies, punches) makes it possible to bend metal of different thicknesses with required radius and specified angle.

Advantages of cooperation

When ordering metalworking services (laser cutting, bending, assembling and welding) in the company Gromov you are guaranteed to get High quality of the production and considerable savings of time and means. When placing a large order a system of discounts is provided. При оформлении крупного заказа предусмотрена система скидок.

To perform the order you need drawings in electronic form (Autocad, *.dxf). If necessary, the engineers of Gromov company will create drawings of your parts in the appropriate computer program.

It is worth noting that we work with both tolling and our own raw materials.

To calculate the cost of your order, as well as To calculate the cost of your order and get more information, please send drawings, questions and wishes to wishes to the company’s e-mail

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  • Large expierence of metalworking (20+ years)
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  • High quality and quick order performing
  • Techical assist for drawing creation
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