Knives for harvesters, reapers, cultivators, mulchers, shredders (Hardox)

Knives for harvesters, reapers, cultivators, mulchers, shredders (Hardox)

We manufacture custom CNC knives for harvesters, reapers, cultivators according to your or our drawings by laser cutting and bending. We use only our own reliable and accurate German equipment from the world leader in CNC machines production – Trumpf. Quickly. Qualitatively. Delivery in Ukraine by courier services.

We produce blades for agricultural machinery from such manufacturers: Claas, Case, Oros, John Deere, New Holland, Geringhoff, Fantini, Capello and others. Turning to our company, you get a counterpart required part of the highest quality, 100% superior to the original wear resistance.

Hardox knife with enhanced durability
knife with enhanced durability from Hardox

Advantages of Hardox knives

As a rule, manufacturers of agricultural knives use steel 65g (spring steel). Its wear characteristics are inferior to Hardox steel (specially developed steel for abrasive environments. Read more about Hardox on the next page)

How to order analogues of knives for agricultural machinery

To order you just need to submit a sample, from which we will take the dimensions, create its 3D model and according to it produce an exact copy of it on CNC equipment made of wear-resistant steel “Hardox”. Due to its properties the service life of the knife will be increased many times. It is also possible to produce parts according to drawings.

With us you can order:

  • Milling knives
  • Rotary knives
  • Rotary teeth
  • Harrow blades
  • Cutter knives

Order reinforced knives for Hardox steel cultivator

You can order from us heavy-duty knives for rotary cutter of cultivator, mulcher made of special imported wear-resistant steel “Hardox”. Hardox knives are significantly superior to steel knives in quality. In particular – in wear resistance. Such knives are less susceptible to wear and, in our customers’ experience, their service life is significantly longer than that of original parts, which saves on consumables.

To order, make an order through the site (button make an order) or contact the sales department in your convenient way: or by phone (067) 587 9999

Reinforced knives for the cultivator
Hardox rotary cutter knives (for cultivator)

What is Hardox steel?

Hardox® 450

The most popular steel with high abrasion resistance and excellent structural properties.

Abrasion resistant steel Hardox® 450 with a nominal Brinell hardness of 450. Steel Hardox® 450 combines good toughness and weldability with guaranteed toughness (Hardox® 450 Tuf).

The steel is designed for the manufacture of of an exceptionally wide range of products and structures subject to wear and tear. An extra 50 Brinell hardness points (compared to Brinell hardness (compared with our grade 400) gives Hardox® 450 improved resistance to indentation and abrasion resistance and helps to extend the wear life of products subjected to wear and tear. life of products subject to wear and tear, thereby providing additional savings.

source: hardox manufacturer’s website

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We provide our customers with top quality sheet metal laser cutting, bending and designing services. With high precision machine tools from Germany we are equipped to rise up to any engineering challenge.

  • Large expierence of metalworking (20+ years)
  • Own stocks of metal (you do not need to spend time searching and buying material)
  • High quality and quick order performing
  • Techical assist for drawing creation
cutting metal in Gromov's company


If you do not have a drawing in DXF, our engineers will design it.


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