Industrial drainage channels

Industrial drainage channels

Stainless steel channels

Two Gromov Ltd. is engaged in sheet metal processing, and also the manufacture and assembly of structures made of it. An important place in The product range is dominated by elements of industrial sewerage systems. This includes, in particular, euro ducts and grids for them. Perfect The quality of the drainage systems is achieved by using modern technology and the best German equipment. Namely: Trumpf industrial bending and laser cutting systems and welding of Fronius equipment. All products are manufactured in austenitic AISI 304L, AISI 316L, AISI 321 stainless steel.

industrial drainage for factories

Stainless steel channels

Channels Stainless steel (also called sewer trays) are used in the food industry to collect production wastewater from large surface areas with subsequent discharge into systems The sewerage system and further on to the sewage treatment plant. They eliminate the accumulation Wastewater on the floors of the production facilities, thereby ensuring cleanliness and a high level of hygiene. Representing an open box structure resulting from cutting sheet metal metal and its subsequent bending. Using laser cutting guarantees accurate dimensions and perfectly flat surfaces edges that do not require additional machining. And thanks to automation of the bending machines, the channels are fully matched to the dimensions and angles, The following are some of the key features of the project documentation, which is particularly important for systems drainage.

The main characteristics of the channels are width, height and shape of the bottom. The tray width can be 100, 120, 150, 200, 250, 300, 400, 500 and 600 mm. For rooms at second and above The installation can be carried out on the floors of buildings or in case of intersection with other utilities, it is advisable to choose channels with lower height (mini class). In addition to of this, canals can have several edge shapes for different types of floor coverings. Formation of channel bottoms, as a rule, is performed with a large radius tool. This makes it easier to provide compliance of the object with sanitary norms and significantly (up to 30 times) reduce water consumption in the process cycle.

In those cases, when drainage is needed only a few hours a day, and the amount of The liquid drained is small and free of coarse debris and grease, it is advisable to use slotted trays. Given that their design without grids, such ducts allow to reduce the cost of drainage system arrangement. Also an important advantage of these trays is the possibility of using them in places with a high weight load.

To ensure better hydrodynamic performance in complex drainage systems with complex configurations are provided with connections at 45 and 135 degrees. Given that it’s technically difficult The following are the key elements that Gromov Ltd. welding of all necessary corner joints under production conditions.

Thanks to The enormous experience gained over two decades of working on The modular design of our steel structure manufacturing and assembly facility is based on a modular the principle of assembly of channels “under welding” for installation at the customer’s site. This assembly method allows any type of drainage system to be assembled complexity and configuration:

  • quickly, – because the channels designed on the LEGO construction principle and with long section lengths (up to 6 m, depending on channel size);
  • unmistakably, – because each individual conduit part is labelled according to The water drainage system is designed to be located at the projected location;
  • qualitatively and without deforming the channel after welding – because the bolted the connection when assembling the trays ensures that there are no gaps.
Industrial drainage canal
Industrial drainage canal. For mounting without welding (for bolted assembly)
Industrial drainage canal
Industrial drainage canal. For mounting and assembly with TIG welding

Grids, drains and inspection manholes for drainage

For safe operation of wastewater disposal systems and avoidance of The trays are covered from above with drainage channels grates. All grilles are manufactured in an anti-slip version in in accordance with European standards and standards for loads and hygiene.

More one element of the industrial sewage system are drains and revision drains hatches. Our stainless steel drains can be used as separate drainage system as well as in combination with drainage channels.

И gangways, and canals produced by Gromov Ltd. can be mounted on floors with different coatings – concrete, tiles, polymer, paving stones and etc.

Our drainage systems are used in a variety of process applications cycles with higher sanitary requirements, and, in are installed in production halls in particular:

  • poultry farms;
  • breweries and mini-breweries;
  • meatpacking plants;
  • confectionary factories;
  • dairies;
  • of pharmaceutical production;
  • catering facilities, etc.

Products, produced by Gromov LLC comply with all applicable Ukrainian regulations to sanitary standards. And the production base allows the production of not The following are some of the most common products, but also the production of non-standard Stainless steel ducts according to drawings provided by customers.

Effective at Gromov LLC, the product quality control system allows to produce channels and grids that meet the highest standards.

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