Gromov Ltd. manufactures to order (according to clients’ drawings) metal gangways for food productions, on German equipment – TRUMPF laser and bending complexes.

 The food industry is generally associated with the risk of pathogenic bacteria and their penetration into finished products, which, in turn, can have extremely negative consequences. This, in turn, can have extremely negative consequences for both the for the consumer as well as for the producer.

That is why it is extremely important to eliminate or at least minimize The possibility of bacterial proliferation in the shops of food processing plants of bacteria in the shops of food processing plants.

According to sanitary and epidemiological experts, the most contaminated surfaces floors in such facilities are the most contaminated surfaces, which means that special attention must be paid to their cleanliness. must be paid special attention. For this purpose in the shops of food These facilities are equipped with ladders – devices for receiving and evacuating waste water from the floor into the sewage system. In view of the inevitable constant inevitably accompanied by aggressive media, the drains are made of a special type of stainless steel – austenitic steels – for the drainage of floor drains. Austenitic stainless steel with low carbon content (AISI 304 and AISI 316).

Modern research has shown that the mere presence of gangways is not a panacea against harmful bacteria, but it is the design of the gangway has a significant effect on reducing or increasing the finding of dangerous bacteria in the gangway itself.

Factors affecting the sanitary and hygienic state of gangways

One of the factors is the presence or absence of a seal under the The edge of the floor is not subject to the dynamic and shock loading of the The floor’s edge will not collapse under dynamic and impact loading, and thus puddles will not form, permanently filled with water. filled with water.

The second important factor is the angle at which two mutually perpendicular surfaces. The most hygienic solution is considered, When the coupling is rounded to a radius of 3 mm or more, this prevents dirt and contaminants from sticking to the surfaces of the drain. The most hygienic solution is considered to be the one where the coupling is rounded with a radius of 3 mm.

And finally, the third factor is the design of the bottom of the ramp. This is especially especially true when the drain has a horizontal outlet. The correct design of the from the food safety point of view is the absence of no dead space. The bottom of the drain must be higher than its outlet.

As we can see, the presence in the production facilities of food industry enterprises correctly designed and manufactured gangways The high standards of hygiene and sanitary safety safety.

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 LLC “Gromov” quickly and qualitatively manufactures metal ladders of stainless steel by customers’ drawings, on TRUMPF laser and bending TRUMPF (Germany) equipment, for food industry enterprises.

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