Flanges, disks

Flanges, disks

Manufacture of flanges to order

Gromov offers custom flange fabrication. 

Flange is a flat product for connecting between pipes, connecting pipes and containers and connecting other elements, made of sheet metal. This part has a round, square, rectangular or other shape with an opening inside, the configuration of which corresponds to the parts to be connected. Along the perimeter of the flange are evenly spaced holes for tie fasteners – bolts or studs with nuts. Purpose of Flanges:

  • Strong attachment of long metal structures such as beams, trusses, etc. to load-bearing elements.
  • Tight connection of pipelines to each other, as well as to vessels, apparatus, units and shut-off and control valves.
  • Torque transmission by means of a flange connection of shafts or axes.

Flanges are used in a set of two. The flange connection is easy enough to make and has a long service life.

Flange types and applications

The wide distribution of flanges requires the production of a wide range of varieties for use in each case. This is why there are several types of flanges:

  • Welded and collar.
  • Through-and-through and threaded.
  • Loose on the flared end of the pipe or its section, as well as a welded ring.
  • For bodies of vessels, equipment or fittings.

Depending on the nature of the substance moved through the pipelines and its pressure, flanges are available in several versions, e.g. with an annular protrusion, a trough, a spike or a groove for a gasket. The last product can have different cross-section – flat, oval, lenticular and material – polyurethane, fluoroplastic, paronite, rubber. 

Most often flanges are made of structural, galvanized, stainless steel and aluminum. It depends on the material from which the pipes are made, their operating conditions and place of installation – indoors or outdoors. For example, for pipelines that circulate compressed air, water, steam, natural gas, use stainless steel or black metal flanges. And together with the ventilation ducts are used flanges of aluminum alloy or galvanized.

Flange production technology

Almost all types of flanges are made of sheet metal. Its thickness determines the permissible pressure and temperature of the substance circulating inside the pipeline.

Given the widespread use of flange connections and the wide variety of flange types, these parts can be manufactured using several methods. These are hot stamping, forging, centrifugal casting, rolling ring bending and cutting – gas, plasma and laser. And the latter method is the most expeditious and economical, especially when ordering a small number of flanges according to individual drawings.

In the case of non-standard equipment applications, the customer often requires flanges made in accordance with their own drawings. For convenience, our specialists can digitize your design documentation.

Laser cutting is the preferred method of manufacturing flanges. Its advantages are:

  • Low cost of producing single copies of the product at high quality.
  • The mating surfaces of the flanges fit together perfectly, making the assembled unit airtight.
  • High speed of operations and decent accuracy of geometric dimensions of the obtained parts.
  • Products are manufactured in accordance with regulations to ensure strength, reliability and long service life of the flange connection.
  • Complete unification of parts in shape and size. 

With the Trumpf Trulaser 3030 or 3050 automatic laser systems, flanges of the desired shape with openings for pipes, trusses or shafts and holes for fasteners can be cut from metal. Processing of structural steel up to 25 mm thick, stainless steel 20 mm thick, aluminum and galvanized steel up to 10 mm thick is possible. Due to the excellent characteristics of the German equipment used all the machined flanges have smooth surface, which does not require further adjustment to roughness parameters. The size error of the flange is less than 0.1 mm.

To protect flanges from corrosion, aluminum parts are anodized, stainless steel parts are electrochemically polished, and black steel parts are powder coated.             

Order flanges at a good price

To order flanges, send your AutoCAD drawings (DXF, DWG format) with specified quantity to our e-mail nikgromov@ukr.net or provide a ready-made sample. We will calculate the cost of manufacturing the part and contact you. More than 20 years of experience, availability of our own manufacturing complex of detail production on the basis of modern German equipment and stock of metal in the warehouse allow us to launch small-batch or large-scale production of flanges quickly. We organize their prompt delivery by courier services within 1 – 3 days all over Ukraine.

Turning to the company “GROMOV”, you quickly get rid of the problem of shortage of the right parts. Cooperating with us, you will receive products of decent quality at a reasonable price and on favorable terms.       

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