Fabrication of metal formwork for casting dead anchors

Fabrication of metal formwork for casting dead anchors

Gromov LLC manufactures to order (according to customer drawings) metal formwork for dead anchors, in German The TRUMPF laser and bending complexes are used for this purpose.

Purpose of the dead anchor

Dead An anchor is a hydraulic structure permanently located on the bottom of a water body a fixture designed to be attached to it (with a chain or (e.g., for the use of a cable) for fairway and navigational marking devices, and for mooring and roadside mooring of vessels and ships. Floating pipelines, pontoons and many other floating structures are also not without dead anchors.

A dead anchor made in the form of of a reinforced concrete or metal structure, has a shape and mass that provide the necessary holding force.

Order metal formwork for dead anchors

Gromov Ltd. quickly and qualitatively make metal formwork for dead anchors according to customers’ drawings, at TRUMPF laser and bending equipment (made in Germany).

By contacting our company, you will be able to in the shortest possible time you will be able to receive ready-to-use metal formwork for the fabrication of dead anchors, of the highest quality at reasonable prices. To calculate the cost send your drawings to nikgromov@ukr.net.

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We provide our customers with top quality sheet metal laser cutting, bending and designing services. With high precision machine tools from Germany we are equipped to rise up to any engineering challenge.

  • Large expierence of metalworking (20+ years)
  • Own stocks of metal (you do not need to spend time searching and buying material)
  • High quality and quick order performing
  • Techical assist for drawing creation
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