Custom-made metal products for construction and architecture

Custom-made metal products for construction and architecture

Design and quality manufacture to order metal parts for architecture and construction offers a center laser cutting center “GROMOV”. To perform these tasks at the service of consumers have their own production facility, equipped with German equipment. It is possible to manufacture the products in question from different The production of considered products of different steel grades (carbon, stainless, alvanized, etc.), aluminum alloys and copper. For this purpose the blanks or their reamers are cut out of sheet material, and then – bent and welded

Metal parts for architecture and construction and their application 

Metal products for construction and architectural Metal products are used in the construction of buildings, assembly of units and their life support systems, installing elements of external decoration and finishing. Such These parts are distinguished by their strength, reliability and durability, resistance to wind loads, influence of outside air and atmospheric precipitation, the ability to withstand the weight of the building and the the weight of the building and the pipeline networks or ducts assembled in them. Such such metal products include:

  • Brackets;
  • Ventilation ducts;
  • Panels of perforated facades;
  • Elements of permanent formwork;
  • Exclusive fences.
  • Exclusive staircases.

Carbon steel products used in construction and architecture include mounting brackets. They are used to install fences, panels ventilated or perforated facades of buildings, ventilation ventilation systems and air conditioners, radiators and convectors heating systems, digital cameras for video surveillance. Such parts are produced in several steps. First of all, steel sheets with the required thickness are cut out or welded together into a piece of sheet metal. the required thickness, parts or their reamers are cut out. Then, if necessary, they are Then, if necessary, they are shaped by bending them on a press, and then the individual parts are welded together. weld the individual elements into a single unit. The last the last stage is powder coating of the product to prevent it from corrosion destruction.

Ventilation ducts are galvanized or stainless steel products that are used in construction. The parts in question are straight sections of air ducts square or rectangular cross section. They are made of corrosion resistant materials that do not rust from contact with moving moist air. In the initial phase of production, sheets of steel are cut into a square or rectangular shape. steel is cut into billet blanks. They are bent into the desired shape shape. In the next step, the edge seams are formed and The next stage is the edge seams which are flattened (folding) to form a single piece of of the ventilation duct.

In architecture, for the finishing of exterior walls of buildings. In architecture, the exterior walls of buildings and building elements (terrace and balcony railings, sunscreens) and protection against external influences perforated panels are used. They are made of thin sheets of aluminum alloy, galvanized, stainless steel, alloy steel COR-TEN or copper. First of all, the panels are laser cut out from the material and On their front plane, a number of holes (perforations) are made. They can have any configuration and arrangement. Depending on the purpose, the perforations are made in a periodic repeated or chaotic. Then using the press they form side edges of the panels to facilitate their installation on the supporting frame, as well as connection with each other. If necessary, on the front surface stamped indentations with the required shape. The final step can be polishing, matting, applying a polymer layer, or creating the the desired color shade by powder coating.

The production process for exclusive fences looks similar. For these products it is allowed to use all of the above materials. Only in contrast to the perforated facade panels, the details fences are not perforated, but an arbitrary openwork pattern. This contributes to the greater strength of the laser-cut elements. machine.

The staircase is the most important element of any multi-level A cottage, office or country house. The staircase is the basis of an interior which forms its conceptual solution. The products of GROMOV” company will decorate your house, will accentuate its refinement and individuality. We make metal stairs premium segment, distinguished by an exclusive design, a variety of shapes, styles and design. They are original and durable.

Implementation by architects and designers of modern technologies for the construction of critical structures and buildings provides for the device of permanent metal formwork for foundations. For reliability and greater durability, such prefabricated structures are made of thick sheet stainless steel. All the details are cut from such material in accordance with the drawings, including shields, uprights, stiffening ribs, connecting hinges, etc. Then, the enlarged formwork units are welded from them and The components are then welded together to form larger formwork units which are then transported to the construction site. And then they are welded together with the larger formwork units which are transported to the construction site. prepared pit and assembled there. Inside the finished formwork, the reinforcement reinforcement and concrete mix is poured inside the finished formwork. After the full Once the foundation has fully cured, the formwork is not removed but covered with soil from the outside. fill in the formwork from the outside with soil. In this way, the formwork becomes an integral part of the foundations. of the foundations, at the same time strengthening their strength.

How to make metal products for construction and architecture

The parts in question are made from a variety of sheet metals and alloys. Their thicknesses are selected according to the purpose and type of product. The choice of this material characteristic fully their ease of installation, their resistance to static/dynamic load and service life depends entirely on the choice of material. Productive Trumpf Trulaser automatic laser systems 3030/3050 laser systems cut metal parts and reamers in metal thicknesses up to thickness up to 20 mm. A technical characteristic of German machines allow to obtain parts with smooth edges which do not require subsequent machining. In this case the accuracy of observance dimensions are up to 0,1 mm.

Subsequently, the reamers are bent using a CNC bending press Trumabend V130. Further, if necessary The parts are welded semi-automatically in an argon gas atmosphere. atmosphere of carbon dioxide with argon. It is also possible to apply protective It is also possible to apply protective coatings on the material surface by painting.  

Заказ изделий из металла для архитектуры и строительства по доступным ценам

To order metal parts used in Construction and architecture, send their digital images (AutoCAD, CorelDraw or SolidWorks) and quantities to If required, we will digitize your drawings or sketches. After this our Personnel performs a cost calculation of works, materials and sends This information to the customer. Promptness of detail production Our 20 years of experience and the constant availability of all types of metal in our own warehouse. Individual and batch production. For the convenience of consumers courier services will perform rapid (1 – 3 days) delivery of orders in Ukraine.

Laser cutting center “GROMOV” quickly and qualitatively make metal parts necessary for construction and architecture. Cooperation with us is a guarantee of timely get them on favorable terms and at a reasonable price.

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