Conveyor chain links and conveyor and conveyor parts

Conveyor chain links and conveyor and conveyor parts

We produce according to your drawings/samples conveyor chain links and other parts for conveyors and conveyors.

In many areas of production, in particular in agriculture (grain elevators, grain terminals), mining and processing. Grain terminals); the ore-dressing and processing metallurgical, bakery and confectionary industries; fish-, meat-, poultry-, and poultry-processing industries; production of building materials, Engineering processes are unthinkable without the use of auxiliary lifting-transport equipment is unthinkable without the use of auxiliary mechanisms.

Such equipment includes conveyors of various types:

  • bucket belt elevators;
  • conveyor belts;
  • chain conveyors (scrapers);
  • screw conveyors;
  • loaders, etc.

These transporters (conveyors) can move grain, crushed stone, ore, coal, metal, dolomite, sand, cement, wood chips and other bulk, piece or lumpy cargo at distances from a few meters to several kilometers.

Conveyors can be horizontal, inclined, rollerless and mobile. There are also special large conveyor belts large size conveyor belts made up of individual sections. Conveyor belts can be horizontal in a straight line or with a complex arrangement of patterns and shapes. configuration. In order to move piece loads, as a rule, conveyors with flat belts are used.

The transporter (conveyor) is driven by a drive unit, which consists of gearbox, electric motor, couplings (metal links) and a drum. The conveyor belt (bucket, scraper, loader)  moves the load along the entire length of the conveyor belt. Bulk solids are placed on the bulk materials are placed on the conveyor belt via a chute or a hopper and discharged through a dumping device (plough or drum). In construction work as well as in and the loading or unloading of various goods, often uses mobile conveyors. and the loading or unloading of various goods, mobile conveyors are often used.

Conveyors are sufficiently reliable equipment and can provide high productivity.

The main advantages of conveyors, in addition to their high reliability, are their durability, as well as ease of operation and maintenance.

Conveyor chain links for conveyor chain repair

The links we produce on a custom order are usually used to repair existing conveyor chains at plants using conveyor lines. In addition, our links, which are ordered in series, are used by foreign manufacturers who produce conveyor lines under their own brand.

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LLC “Gromov” quickly and qualitatively produce metal elements: bodies, buckets, scrapers, links of industrial transporters (conveyors) according to customers’ drawings, on TRUMPF (Germany).

By contacting our company, in the shortest possible time you can get finished conveyor parts of the highest quality at reasonable prices. For to calculate the cost send your drawings to

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