Laser cutting center of the company “GROMOV offers design and manufacturing of mounting brackets to order. We offer our own serial production high quality blanks on modern German equipment. Bracket is a part or a set of them, made sheet steel of the required thickness. It is fixed to the supporting The brackets are fixed to the supporting elements of buildings and are designed to fix a variety of devices, units and installations.

Types of brackets and their application

Brackets are products for reliable equipment, furnishings and fittings to the walls, interior walls, floors or ceilings. walls (facade, interior), floors or floor slabs. They They are designed to withstand, without rupturing, various types of direction and and high static/dynamic loads without fracture. Such fasteners are used for installation:

  • Security cameras.
  • Lighting fixtures (spotlights, lamps).
  • Signs, billboards.
  • Heating devices (radiators, convectors).
  • Ventilation and air conditioning units.
  • Panels of ventilated or perforated facades.
  • Panoramic glazing of openings.

Brackets made of structural steel are often used to mount heating systems, lighting fixtures, spotlights, elements of video surveillance systems and panoramic glazing. This part is cut from a sheet of steel and flexibly shaped to the required shape. At the same time, the bracket acquires the necessary rigidity.

For greater durability, advertising media, units – compressor and condenser units for air conditioning or air treatment of ventilation systems, as well as facade panels Installed with a composite brackets made of stainless steel. Blanks are cut from metal and bent, giving them for strength U-shaped or other cross-section. The resulting parts are welded in the form of a letter Т. And its short element has holes for anchors and vertically fasten them to the wall. On the long horizontal element is mounted air conditioner unit or the fan, tightening them with bolts. For reliability between these bracket parts is welded obliquely bracket (knitzu).

Bracket production technology

All brackets (simple or prefabricated) are made of sheet steel. Its thickness determines the load-bearing capacity of the mounting structure. The material is cut to the required thickness using a Trumpf Trulaser 3050 automated laser system. Trumpf Trulaser 3050 automatic laser system is used to cut blanks of the desired configuration, including all holes and slots. Thanks to the excellent quality of the used German equipment the received parts have smooth edges and require no subsequent machining. And the guaranteed size accuracy is up to 0.1 mm.

If necessary, the reamers of the parts are bent on a Trumabend V130 CNC press. Afterwards, the composite brackets are welded with a Fronius semi-automatic welding machine.

In order to further protect against The steel products are further protected against corrosion damage by powder coating and stainless steel products are electrochemically polished. The stainless steel products are subjected to powder coating and the stainless steel ones are subjected to electrochemical polishing.             

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To order brackets please send drawings (with indication of quantity) in AutoCAD (DXF, DWG), SolidWorks or CorelDraw to our e-mail or provide us a ready sample. It is possible to digitize customer drawings of the customer’s drawings. After that our specialists will calculate cost details and will contact you. 20 years of experience, availability of metal in stock will allow us to quickly start mass or serial production of brackets. We organize their prompt delivery by courier services within 1 – 3 days all over Ukraine.

By contacting the company “GROMOV”, you quickly solve the problem of shortage of necessary parts.  Cooperation with us – a guarantee of high quality products at affordable prices and on favorable conditions.       

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