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Laser cutting of metal. Sheet metal bending


The manufacturing error of the parts is less than 0.1mm

Competent professionals

A team of experienced engineers, designers, operators

Fast production

Turnaround time from a few hours to 1-2 days

Metal available

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Quality assurance

Оборудование от мирового лидера Trumpf

Thicknesses that can be treated by laser

Ferrous metal
Stainless steel
Galvanized steel

Metal bending

up to 20mm

Ferrous metal up to 25mm

Stainless steel up to 20mm

Aluminum up to 10mm

Galvanized steel up to 10mm

Metal bending

up to 20mm

Sheet metal lasercutting, bending and metalworking on demand in company Gromov

We provide our customers with top quality sheet metal laser cutting, bending and designing services. With high precision machine tools from Germany we are equipped to rise up to any engineering challenge.

  • Laser complexes 5kWt/3kWt
  • Laser cut accuracy 0,1mm
  • Parts size up to 3000mm X 1500mm
  • Sheet metal bending CNC 130 tonn
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Metal lasercutting video

Laser cutting center “Gromov” successfully works in the metalworking market of Ukraine since 1999.

For more than 20 years the company “Gromov” performs laser cutting, bending, welding of metal products and forms of high complexity. We have gained tremendous experience in this field. We offer our customers services of excellent quality and competitive price.

A team of professionals, automation of metalworking process, the use of innovative technologies and equipment from leading European manufacturers (Trumpf, Fronius, Zuhner, Fein) guarantee the quality of our products.

A classic once said: “If it’s possible, it’s already done; if it’s impossible, it will be done. This is the principle we have been following for many years in improving our skills: we are constantly developing our production, investing in mastering advanced metalworking technologies, as well as assembling metal structures. Engineers of Gromov Laser Cutting Center regularly improve their qualification and exchange experience with leading European specialists in the field of metalworking and mechanical engineering, they also attend international exhibitions. Translated with (free version)

Laser cutting of aluminum, stainless steel, galvanized metal in a nitrogen environment

Our company successfully performs shape laser cutting of non-ferrous metals such as aluminum, stainless steel, galvanizing. To obtain a clean cut we laser cut non-ferrous metals in a nitrogen environment

Laser metal cutting

Trumpf Trumatic L3050 / L3030
Metal thickness (from – to, mm)0.5 – 25
Non-ferrous metalsStainless steel, galvanized steel, aluminum
Working area, X-axis3000 mm
Working area, Y-axis1500 mm
Laser power5 kWt
Guaranteed cutting accuracy0,1 mm
CNC control systemSiemens / Bosch

Sheet metal bending

Trumabend v130
Thickness of bendable metal0.1 to 20 mm
Maximum bending length 3000mm
Beam stroke height 500mm
Number of matrix positions2
Auxiliary lifting deviceCNC
Number of CNC-controlled rear stop axes 6
Digital bend sensor, pcs.2

Finished products

What is laser cutting?

Laser cutting is a highly efficient technology that allows sheet metal to be cut with a high-power laser beam controlled by a computer.

The main advantage of laser cutting is the absence of mechanical effects on the workpiece and minimal thermal influence on it. This virtually eliminates deformation in the process of manufacturing parts .

Sheet metal laser cutting

The essence of laser beam cutting is as follows: the cutting beam is formed using an electromagnetic field and carbon dioxide molecules. It has a high power, and, coming out of the resonator with a diameter of 12 mm, it focuses on the surface of the metal, concentrating the energy into a beam with a diameter of only 0.15 mm. This makes it possible to pierce the metal instantly, cutting it at high speed while achieving high cutting precision and a perfectly smooth edge. Translated with (free version)

Laser cutting at Gromov Center is performed by a gas CO2 laser complex from the world leader - Trumpf, providing high power of radiation, with German reliability and ease of maintenance.

Having obvious advantages over other metal cutting technologies, laser cutting enables fast production based on technical drawings and flat patterns made in AutoCAD (DXF).

Laser cutting is cost efficient for production of single copies and small-batch production as there is no need in manufacturing costly cutting dies and casting forms. Automated cutting process enables a high level of accuracy and repeatability.

Carbon steel cutting in Gromov Centre is carried out by burning metal in presence of oxygen which produces additional power eliminating combustion products.

Aluminium, zinc steel and stainless steel are cut by blowing molten material away from the cut area with high-pressure nitrogen jet. Nitrogen prevents the formation of an oxide layer, leaving a bright burr-free edge that requires no further processing, which is a great advantage.

Laser cutting in Gromov Centre is carried out on CNC Trumpf TC L 3030 and CNC Trumpf TC L 3050 laser cutting machine.

The company "GROMOV" specializes in laser cutting and bending of sheet metal.

We operate on the best machines of the European technology leader, Trumpf Company (including laser cutting machines TC L 3030, 3050, Trumabend V130 Press Brake), which enable accurate and quality processing of single orders as well as mass production. With their high productivity we can meet any requirements and find the best solution for you as well as provide the required number of replicas with precision of 0.1 mm.

However, the tried-and-tested equipment is not the only key to achieving the best results. Our team of highly certified and qualified engineers ensures that your product is made to exact specifications. They have the expertise and experience to run all stages of manufacturing process from product design and development to making technical drawings and operating complex machines and systems.

Material Specifications:

  • Metal sheet thickness: 0.5-20 mm;
  • Types of metal: carbon steel, stainless steel, zinc steel, aluminium;
  • Working area (Metal sheet size): 1500×3000 mm;
  • power of lasers: 3 kW and 5 kW;
  • Tolerance: 0.1 mm

Laser Processed Materials

  • Steel
    • st3
    • st20
    • st45
    • 08кп (холоднокатаная)
    • 09г2с
    • хардокс
    • 65г (твердосплавная сталь)
  • Stainless steel
    • aisi430
    • aisi304
    • 08х18н
    • 12х18н
    • 12х18н10т (aisi321)
  • Aluminum

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